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!!NEED TO TRADE 32bit CARBUS 802.11B for 16bit PC CARD --- DETAILS INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought a PDA off of someone here in the forum ...
which included a wireless adapter. From what I know this is the only PDA with a PCMCIA card slot. Also, the biggest reason to buy this thing was to have wireless networking.

here's the link:

So it happens that the PDA runs a 16bit operating system, so the PC card slot is also 16bit. It will not take 32bit Cardbus cards.

When I approached the seller about the situation, I was told to "sell the wireless card and buy a 16-bit one" ....

An easy way to tell if a PCMCIA card is 32bit or not is to look at the tip. Does it have a gold metal band running across the top? It's 32bit. If it doesn't it's more than likley 16bit.

If ANYONE out there has a 16bit card (one that does not have a metal grounding strip) PLEASE contact me! You will be getting the better end of this deal

Details about the card:
SMC 2635W 802.11b 2.4GHz 11mbit

This card has never been used. It's only been stuck into a laptop to see if it actually works. it is fully functional.

Some examples of 16bit cards:
Netgear MA401
Dlink dwl-650

(notice there's no gold grounding strip)
Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!!
Thanks so much
email: thelenm -at- bellsouth -dot- net
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orinoco silver/gold is also 16 bit
Old 02-04-2004, 01:46 PM Unknown is offline  
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if it has a thick edge it's 32 bit if it's thin its 16 bit.
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i think this is 16 bit.. IIRC

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thanks for all of your help!
I greatly appreciate it!
if you guys need anything let me know!
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Originally posted by Aseras
i think this is 16 bit.. IIRC

I have this card and don't really use it. I'll test it to see if it's working and would be willing to exchange it if you want.
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