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Originally Posted by -=Antimatter=- View Post
Tomato is easier to use than DD-WRT and has a cleaner interface. I much prefer it.

I agree, I had to setup DDWRT on a device this week because Tomato doesnt work on it.

I like tomato alot better. On DDWRT I had to do so much shit just to turn the device into Wireless to Wired bridge. It was ridiculous, I actually had to read a guide on how to do it.

Tomato on the other hand is so simple.
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The Spyder
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Originally Posted by defuse View Post
Why did you choose Tomato over DDWRT? I also have a N16, and I'm pretty sure there are some tweaks to output a bandwidth monthly log.

I'm also interested in Untangle after reading this thread. I'm guessing it would be overkill for a home network though.

Oh and anyone else interested in building a Untangled system
I found this.
Haha, I was quite the fan boy.

I run pfSense here at home now on this guy:

It is over kill and I will probably switch to something else, but it get the job done and worked right out of the box. (Atom D510/2gb/1gb CF/Intel Pro1000)

Untangle "Lite" edition is still free and has been fairly rock solid at half a dozen of my clients for several years now. That shuttle eventually ate a powersupply fan and was replaced with a Supermicro barebones Dual Core atom+ 32GB SSD.

Honestly, the GUI is all it has going for it right now in my mind. It moved too far away from the original free edition+ only charging support. The forums are terrible and I can do the same thing, with less bloat, on my pfSense box.
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