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Originally Posted by joemama View Post
The first one was pretty cool..

except for the fact ricer culture was already dying a bit when it came out, but that movie alone kept it going for another decade.

I was talking about loud annoying fart cans, not that movie (never seen any of them and i never will)
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Triple B
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Originally Posted by joemama View Post
Yep, nailed it.

<---boring shitbox driver

I'm just jelly of the kewl kids roaring past me with their fart pipes sticking out of dat awesome rear diffuser that's painted to almost match the rest of the car, and aftermarket manufacturer stickers proudly displayed on the back window. Super jelly..

i don't think u could handle it if I pulled up next to you

I have all that plus oversized rimz/tires, a compromised suspension and engine modifications designed by a person residing in this country illegally
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<--- EVOM
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pass side rear caliper took a shit. I think the inner pad was probably installed incorrectly. the raised "bump" on the metal backer needs to slot inside one of the recesses on the piston. can see that the piston is positioned incorrectly, the recesses should be vertical. guy who sold me the car has spares, he dropped it off at my office for me to install. Could make an argument that he should have done the install, I was promised a "trouble free" MR2, and he inspected the brakes and said they looked fine prior to delivery but... I'm not bothered. Nice to get my hands dirty.

finished after dark... I cleaned the wheel very thoroughly, it had a lot of built up sludge on it

inner pad worn at an angle. the outer pad was fine.
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