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Going on a westernly road trip in a few weeks, (probably start a thread on things to see when I've got an idea of free time) Definitely want to pack a GPS with me.. I've never bought one myself, and only used them once or twice.

I'd like
- Good Updates. I bailed from freeways to side streets twice last night because of major interstate construction in the Twin Cities. This will probably require some removable memory?
- Traffic for metro areas,
- Ideally I'd like to not pay for any service. If it's reasonable for something i'd use, then yes.
- Standalone, as an in-dash is significantly costlier, can't move vehicles, theft concerns, unless someone knows some KILLER deal out there for a D3 or something)
- Something I could store addresses in? (Possible yet?) I wouldn't mind programming in a bunch of things for my trip, and when I'm headed towards one, just activate it.
- Built decent. I'm sure my wants, and price range is pretty much name brand stuff.I don't wanna cheap out on something that's a PITA.

Also have the BBY 12% off reward zone member coupon 3-7th.
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Garmin 260

It doesnt do traffic, and if a gps does it the feature is not very good. At least the ones I have used in NY are shite, and this is as metro as you get. So just use the radio.
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I just got a Garmin Nuvi 260W a few weeks ago and I like it a lot. The biggest thing for me is the updated maps. For work I'm constantly traveling to customers houses, like 5+ a day, and lots of them are in very new neighborhoods and developments. I used to have a Garmin Streetpilot 340 with the 2008 maps in it and out of like 15 customers addresses it only found 2.

With the new 2009 map pack (which is included) I have only found like 3-4 addresses that it couldn't exactly locate, and for two of those it actually showed me the street the house was on and put me within 500 feet of it.

Check it out, it's pretty nice. Be warned though, Best Buy has a 15% restocking fee on GPS units (and other stuff) since so many people were buying and using them for a weekend road trip and then returning them once they got back. Since Best Buy can't exactly resell all of those units since they've been used, they were loosing a lot of money.
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I went out and bought a Garmin nuvi 760. I'm moving to New Orleans and my job will also require me to travel a bit so I went for something that was a little pricier than what I had originally planned on.

As far as your criteria:
Updates: Mine seems pretty up to date. It doesn't have some of the new subdivisions that just got completed, but it seems pretty current. I think mine is eligible for a free update, but I need to check on that.
Traffic: Mine has the capability but I think it's a monthly fee. I've got a 3 month free trial going currently and I don't use it a ton.
Standalone: Check. Suction cup pops right off the windshield or dashboard.
Storing Adresses: Check. Don't remember the capacity but it's a lot. The 760 also has like 6 million Points of Interest. Restaurants, Fuel, etc. Fairly accurate. It lists a couple of stores that have closed or moved in my area though.

Overall I'm happy with the purchase and fairly impressed with the unit itself. Did a pretty good job navigating me through New Orleans trying to find apartment complexes. Lots of features that I'll probably never use. Addresses are occasionally off by a little bit, but that's to be expected IMO. Route finding can be a little funky at times (told me to get off at an intersection and then get right back on), and in really congested/crazy interchanges it's kinda hard to follow.
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Any TOMTOM. you can get a tomtom one for 200-250? It plugs into your laptop to download updates on a standard mini-usb. Has a traffic radio plug just buy the antenna, it's like a 20 dollar accessory.

1gb of memory, 3 million poi's, it's really way better than other gps's in the bottom tier/same price range.

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Originally Posted by BandontheRun84 View Post
Garmin Nuvi
Originally Posted by Tanstaafl View Post
Garmin nuvi 760
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Originally Posted by Liquid_Table View Post

my two garmin nuvvis are great.
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I prefer the tomtom to the Garmin, but thats just me
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I have a TomTom One third edition. Cheap and works for me.
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Heathen-Yak's Avatar
I prefer the tomtom as well. I had navigator on my ATT tilt so I got the TomTom one since it's very similar in operation. And I got the celebrity voice pack so I have mr T giving me directions!
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POI's are kinda one too. This road trip might be sorta random at some points, I'd like to be able to just pull things up in a random area and try them out.

My concern with updates is more like this, I don't want to spend $150 on some setup, and it still tries to lead me down I-35 thru downtown Minneapolis where the bridge has been out almost 10 months. This happened to some car guys I met up with from Canada Last month.

I mean c'mon...
2001 BMW 330i
Family - 2011 335i x-drive, '10 Jetta TDI Sportwagen, 2000 Le Sabre, 1998 Yukon
Gone - Stage II 2006 GTI, 2006 Solstice
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Im really looking into the Dash GPS. kinda interesting to have a gps with a cell phone connection to do its updating. think thats so cool
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I just bought a Garmin Nuvi 250W and I absolutely love it. I have a Clarion 430 as well but I'm having a hard time getting updated maps for it. I flashed the Garmin with new maps in a matter of just a few minutes of having it out of the box which was a bonus. Even with the new maps it's not showing one of the new highways here in town which has been open for almost a year now. I wish I could manually add roads or at least let it recognize that I'm on a road that it does have programmed yet. That would be a cool feature: to add road information on the fly.

Another cool feature of this unit is that it's compatible with Google Earth, so I can download my route info and POI's to Google Earth. Apparently I can edit POI's and upload them back to the unit but I haven't tried it out.

The directions that this unit gives are very precise, it'll even tell you which side of the street your destination is on. I'm extremely happy with this thing and I woudl recommend this to anyone who's looking for a decent starter GPS unit for their car.

One thing to remember about the maps is that companies rely on other companies to supply the map info and they can't constantly update their maps without charging a premium.
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garmin nuvi

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Dash Express.
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