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Originally Posted by iqarus View Post
have to say, pretty average episode.

hammond's race against the para-skiers was lacking the normal awesome cinematography of previous races.

This grounds for getting your face kicked in
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Originally Posted by dvq View Post
God this is fucked up, my e-mail is gone :\

Thank god..I sent you my nuddies by accident.

but also, thats not good. =[ Hope you get everything back!
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Originally Posted by G[h]EttOrAiD View Post
the evo driver still wins because he didn't buy american
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TekieB not sure how long that will stay up
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Sorry it isn't more on the speed side of things. My connection is getting steadily hammered. Would've upgraded to at least the 100mbit, if not gigE connection they offer had I known I was gonna be one of the last standing. =(

That relatively small blip is from about 10pm Dallas time last night until now (so still going strong) and amounts to a 10mbit line saturated. 44.3GB uploaded so far.
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I jumped on to late but thanks anyway for the amazing job you guys do.
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AtomicFire's Avatar
still no response from Dreamhost
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Българска [М]афия
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Waiting for that fateful day of bannage, c'mon Kyle be a man and push the button you big fairy.
Much to the people who lost their hosting because of this. I didn't realize how much I appreciated it until I spent the last 5hrs downloading a torrent at 50kb/s .
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I know, I know, it's "veni," i get it.
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thanks to all the hosters over the years. on saturday, i downloaded seasons 5-current of topgear, the specials and the related from my sister's house. my new place doesn't have internet or tv at the moment so top gear is what's getting me to sleep lately.

if i had anything to do with this, i'm very very very sorry. if i was just a drop in the bucket, at least we have the last 5 seasons of top gear logged.

thanks again to dvq, atomic fire, and TekieB for the years of solid service.

oh, and i'm in for some $$, just not sure how much atm.

edit: just hit me, should we do top gear from porn may from now on?
mmm Döner.
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ill be in for a donation as well.. much love to the hosters!

and yeah, i spent 3 hours last night downloading from a freakin torrent =.=
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I will also donate for access to Top Gear.

I was dieing last night.
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I'm down to donate some money for the cause.
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I don't really use the service all that much since i grab it off NZBs but I'm willing to donate.

sent the remaining balance I had in Canuckistan monies...
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I got a reply from Dreamhost - nothing about my files, my account, or what I should do while i'm sitting here with my thumb up my ass. My argument was that the BBC distributes the files for free on their website.

You can't assume that just because someone is giving something away for
that you can also give it away for free. As copyright holder, they have
the "right to copy" however they see fit -- you don't have such rights
unless expressly granted by the holder. If you'd like to promote such
content that you don't have permission for, write a post about it and
to the official page where people can download it legally.

If you've got permission from the copyright holders to post specific
content, that's fine. We can certainly view that and upon acknowledgment
that you do have the legal right to distribute these files re-enable
this account.

It's my further understanding that with the BBC's content while open to
many unconventional distribution methods through a creative commons
liscense, does have 1 key part of their liscense whcih is being violated
by having the content on our servers:

1. The Creative Archive content is made available to broadband users
within the UK for use primarily within the UK.

I read the full license and I see no authorization of copying outside of
the UK, suggesting that the BBC is suggesting that anyone outside of the
UK would be infringing copyright if they copy these works in any way.

A bit more can be read up here:
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Berticus and wigglesworth are my bitches. But im Pidge's Bitch.
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The guys at Dreamhost have unlocked my domains and given me transfer codes for them. That's the best I could hope for. Sorry everyone, thanks to all the donators who paid for the hosting over the years. I'm not sure how you'll all get your fix... but I can/am willing to distribute the episodes to a handful of hosters if they're willing to take the risk. I simply can not take that risk.

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