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FM 2347
I am offended by the world isajeep.
Can rubbing alcohol be used as aftershave?

I tried to look it up on google but I'm to lazy to dig further but I bought Nivea for Men aftershave and really couldn't get used to the smell. When I started to get pimples from my razor, I changed it and started using the aftershave. Just a few days ago I started just using rubbing alcohol on my face with a shower afterwards and my face is smooth as a babys bottom.

I haven't heard of anyone use rubbing alcohol as aftershave but after I got my last haircut I asked my barber what that stuff he uses on the edge of my hair after a cut and she told me it was rubbing alcohol. So I've been using that. So like the thread title says, can you use rubbing alcohol as a replacement for aftershave? I use the 70% rubbing alcohol if you're wondering.
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I don't see why it couldn't be used as aftershave..

Most aftershaves are just scented alcohol anyways.
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*shrug* my roomate told me that straight rubbing alcohol causes less irritation and redness than aftershave. Never tried it myself but it'd be worth a shot.
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It might dry out your skin. That'll help with acne but can make your skin ashy
Old 03-14-2005, 06:09 PM ArcErein is offline  
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I do it all the time... a lot of aftershaves and acne cleansers are mostly just alcohol anyways. but yeah, if you overdo it, you might end up with dry skin
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FM 2347
I am offended by the world isajeep.
Looks like I'll continue to use rubbing alcohol. I take a shower after I shave and then put lotion on my face after I'm dry so drying won't be a problem.

I didn't want to be using rubbing alcohol to find out later that it can really mess up your skin.
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The Silver Arrow
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Uhh... I'm 90% sure it will dry out your skin.
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Fappy Smurf
i dont use anything on my face after i shave and i go against the grain. i use colgate shaving cream for sensitive skin. it has aloe in it and feels great on my face when im shaving and in other areas

as far as using alcohol.. i just recently stopped using alcohol and facial cleanser all together. i think its really damaged my pores as they appear to be over compensating and creating quite alot of oil on my face. i dont even wash my face anymore i just use a hot wash cloth and wipe my face down and once a week i'll put a little soap on my hands and rub it on my face a little bit. i think alcohol has really made my face a real oily mess... it dries my face up for a couple hours and then bam im right back where i started...

sorry gettin off track

yeah you can use it most aftershaves and facial cleansers are just alcohol anyway
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I use 70% alcohol, sometimes if I dont want to deal with the stinging ill dilute it with a little water.
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It can dry your face out, but I use it sometimes and it's fine.
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I use rubbing alcohol about 3 out of every 4 times I shave. If you put too much on, yea it drys out your face, but it works great for keeping everything clean.

I used to have problems with getting ingrown hair on my neck, and i'd suck to shave it. Now I put rubbing alcohol on after I shave, and pour some over my razor too, keeps it clean as well.

The trick to using alcohol is this. After you shave with warm/hot water, rinse or splash some cold water on your face and neck. Than put some rubbing alcohol on your hands, and pat it on. This wont sting as bad since your pores will be smaller, and patting it on instead of rubbing it on stops it from drying out your face.
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I recommend using a low alcohol or alcohol free aftershave, as alcohol dries your skin out and makes you look older.
Old 03-17-2005, 08:38 PM ScretHate is offline  
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A friend of mine uses mouth wash, brown lysterine..
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FM 2347
I am offended by the world isajeep.
Originally Posted by ScretHate
I recommend using a low alcohol or alcohol free aftershave, as alcohol dries your skin out and makes you look older.

Isn't the alcohol the ingredient that sanitizes the skin? Keep in mind that I used lotion n my face after I shower since I'm black and can't have my face ashy.
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