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My dad got an eight page letter in the mail, wanting him to join this sekrat society. What do you think?

1. Dad gets letter in mail.
2. Letter says we'll be rich within weeks and have any woman we want.
3. It's all free, but we have to respond by Friday.
4. ...
5. What do we do?!

edit - this could be the chance of a lifetime i m serios

If you want to read some of the letter, I found a copy of it on another forum.

Dear John,
This is a personal letter just to you. Notice: this is not a mass mailing; this letter came to you by first-class mail, not by third-class bulk mail. This is not a solicitation for money. In fact, you will get something of immense value from us absolutely free with no strings attached. So, read every word very carefully because you will never get another letter from us again.
John, please keep what I tell you secret, because this information is confidential. These words are meant for you only. There has existed for many years an exclusive association, a secret society, of the world's most famous and powerful people. These include renowned actors and musicians, leading scientists and intellectuals, self-made entrepreneurs and artists, millionaires, professional gamblers Casanovas, statesmen. Many of these people you would instantly recognize. Before I go on, let me state that everything you read here is absolutely and verifiable true.
This association has uncovered some shockingly powerful secrets. And they share these secrets only amongst themselves. In fact these secrets are the reason these well-known individuals have achieved great prosperity.
John, I have some incredibly exciting news to share with you. Members of this association have analyzed your profile (you'd be unbelievably flattered if you knew who these individuals were). Please forgive them, but they've discovered something special about you.
It seems you, John, possess several rare traits they are searching for.
Because of these traits, which we'll talk about later, they have chosen you to become part of their exclusive club and to share their secrets too, absolutely free! By the way, as you read this, you may be saying to yourself that this is all a bunch of hooey. But I swear on the Bible this is all true! You see, every seven years this association picks a handful of individuals from around the world possessing your unique traits to share in their secrets - in fact, they are going to reveal to you, absolutely free, the Greatest Kept Secret of All Time for Money, Power: Romantic-Love! In your case, your hidden talents must be phenomenal for the members to select you!
How did these gifted people find you? For now, that must remain a mystery.
But I can shed light on how they found you by first telling you my own story: Seven years ago I was like you. Out of the blue, I received an invitation from this society. Just like you, they said I possessed special traits. I was flattered, excited, yet skeptical. But, when they sent their secrets to me personally a few days later for free, just as they said they would, my luck changed so completely I thought God must be guiding me, giving me special powers! Like me, the day you receive this secret package, for free, John, will be the luckiest day of your life! It will be the most important event that will ever happen to you. For, by the time you finish reading that package, you'll know exactly what to do to make $5,000, $10,000, even $100,000 cash...lN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS! Plus.-prosper in every area of your life: emotionally, personally, physically, romantically and financially.
You'll even learn how to control anyone and make any man or woman like you, admire you, or love you! Al1 the money, power and romantic love you've ever wanted can come to you easily, effortlessly and automatically. A11 you have to do is learn the simple, secret system a renowned Du Pont scientist spent his entire life uncovering.
John, are you skeptical like I was? Well, just as this elite group did for me, we're going to send these very secrets to you, personality for free! Why? Because we believe that you are a rare find. We want you to join us.
Remember, these are the very same secrets that the world's most successful celebrities, entrepreneurs, scientists, professional gamblers, investors and Casanovas possess. ...But you must return the enclosed free-invitation form by this Friday, July 29, 2005.
Now, here is the story as told by a TV celebrity and copywriter who personally used this discovery to go from broke to a famous multi-millionaire in less than a year: Although my lawyer will not let me reveal my name: many of you have watched my late-night television talk show. Today I live a lifestyle most people only dream about. I drive a $75,000 Mercedes and live in a magnificent $3 million mansion. I vacation a month at a time at the most spectacular and beautiful resorts in the world...all first class! I make more money in one week than most people make in a whole year. My lady and I experience a beautiful, romantic love relationship that gets better every day. I'm happy, I have peace of mind, and I feel totally in control in all situations. I live without fear. I'm well liked by everyone I meet and enjoy many close friendships. I'm in excellent physical shape and have more energy than I've had in 30 years. I have total freedom. I wake up when I want, do what I want, and live each day the way I chose.
Today my life reads like a fairy tale.
I say these things not to brag but to let you realize one thing...I
You wasn't always this way for me.
Several years ago I was struggling in every area of my life. I was living a miserable existence. I was 40 pounds overweight and had no energy.
My marriage was on the verge of divorce. I was over $36,000 in debt with bills piling up everywhere and couldn't make ends meet. I drove a beat up old car and lived in a cramped one-bedroom apartment. My life seemed out of control. I had no peace, no happiness, no real love and no money.
Worst of all, I reached a dead-end in my career and saw no way out. I was in a rut and felt I would be there forever. Everything around me looked bleak.
Some of you may feel the same way right now.
One day ... my whole life changed. In a heavy state of depression over my financial troubles I went to Las Vegas and began playing a friendly game of poker in an attempt to escape from my terrible circumstances . At mytable was an easy going, likable guy who was winning everything. His uncanny lucky streak was so obvious it seemed unbelievable. This must have been his lucky day because he just couldn't lose. Everyone was amazed at this guy. As soon as I lost everything I had (whichWhat you saw I couldn't believe my ears and I told him so. He smiled and simply said, ''Follow me for a couple of days and see for yourself.'' I did! What saw made me speechless and spellbound. Every day he won thousands of dollars easily and effortlessly. It looked like magic. Beautiful women would come up to him and start conversations. Everyone instantly liked him.
He was like Clark Kent, quiet, unassuming, yet possessing almost super-human power. Three days later he sat me down and said,
"Every successful person throughout history knew what I know. That's why they were successful, rich, happy, healthy and powerful."
As I sat there it dawned on me...he was right. Over the decades all successful people, salesmen, businessmen, politicians, Hollywood actors, religious leaders, TV commentators, heads of state, kings, writers, generals, lawyers, entrepreneurs, investors, millionaires, speculators, gamblers, Casanovas, all must have secretly used shortcuts that require little skill yet contain invisible power. But what they used and how they used it was the mystery.
What this man said next stunned me. He looked directly into my eyes and said, ''Kevin, I know you're a special person. In fact, I've been expecting to meet you. You have hidden traits that few others have. Do not despair, because you will be discovered. ...But the time must be right.
When it is, I shall reveal my secrets to your's He smiled and then simply walked away.
I was speechless. I couldn't move. I couldn't talk.
For the next seven months I went to every library I could find, reading everything on successful, powerful, and Casanova-like people. I bought every moneymaking system available. I invested in home study courses, cassettes and videotapes. I attended seminars.
To my dismay nothing in my life changed.
Finally, seven months later, I awoke one morning totally depressed by my deteriorating circumstances. As I thought about quitting, I decided to go to Las Vegas to see if by some miracle I could find that mystery man again.
During the drive I stopped to get some lunch at a cafe in what seemed to be a small deserted ghost town. I sat sipping my coffee and noticed a library directly across the street. Out of habit I went in to see if they had anything I hadn't already read. I told the librarian what I was looking for. suddenly, a puzzled look came across her face.
She told me, ''A couple weeks ago a gentleman came in here and described you. He told me that you'd be entering a cycle of opportunity, whatever that means, and that you'd be stopping here soonest When she described the man, I knew she was talking about the fellow I had met seven months ago in Las Vegas! THE BIGGEST WINNER I'VE EVER SEEN! The librarian continued, ''He asked me to give you a special book." She went into the back room and came out with a dusty old book printed in 1872. In it was a copy of a manuscript written almost 2300 years ago, translated into English.
I read...and read...and read. It told the story of a secret society in ancient Greece of very rich and powerful men who possessed astonishing powers. And it told exactly how their wealth and power were attained!
What I discovered put me into a state of shock and horror. I had unearthed the most closely guarded secret in history, the same secret that every wealthy person used throughout history. I now had in my hands the raw secret that could make anyone rich, powerful, successful and in control.
PLUS...the secret ingredient that could make women fall in love with you, and give you power and control over virtually ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!
Immediately I began to apply my new knowledge. Virtually everything I touched turned to gold! Within a year I was a millionaire. I lost 40 pounds. My health and energy level improved dramatically. My romantic love relationships became incredible. I became happy and feeling totally free. ALL OF MY DREAMS STARTED TO COME TRUE! It was awesome!

* * * *

A year later I finally met that mystery man from Las Vegas again. It turns out that he is Dr. Frank R. Wallace. Dr. Wallace used this secret knowledge to become one of the youngest Senior Research Chemists for E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. During his stellar 12 years at Du Pont's famous Brandywine and Chestnut Run Laboratories, Dr. Wallace used this secret knowledge to advance major discoveries involving cars at General Motors, computers at IBM, fighter planes, space crafts, and missiles in our government, and progressive disease cures in medicine.
He also used this secret knowledge to become a world-class poker player, and he wrote the world's bestselling poker manual, "Poker, A Guaranteed Income For Life", Warner Books, New York, 359 pages.
And, of course, he used this secret knowledge to make tens of millions of dollars (which he used to propagate the Nouveau Tech Society, whose mission is to seek out special individuals like you and me who possess hidden talents and then break these individuals into the fantastic Nouveau Tech world. Dr. Wallace also uses his winnings to fund major scientific research projects around the world, described. later.)
Dr. Wallace has since then brilliantly refined and fine-tuned the raw knowledge contained in that 2300-year-old manuscript. He identified 114 specific shortcuts and put them into a simple, easy-to-use and follow format. He called this new manuscript "The Nouveau Tech Discovery" (meaning new technology). But, he decided to release The Nouveau Tech Discovery only to a few,_specially qualified individuals.
Although some people in powerful places believed Dr. Wallace would win
the Nobel Prize for the Nouveau Tech Discovery, he never was interested in making this secret knowledge public. He knew he must stay true to its roots, and only allow a select few access to this knowledge at just the right time, just as the ancients did. Even when the reigning world champion of poker, two-time winner of the Binion's Horseshoe World Championship of Poker in Las Vegas offered Dr. Wallace $50,000 CASH for this exact same information he uses every day, he said, "No." And when a Fortune 500 company offered Dr. Wallace $70,000 UP FRONT for just the surface layer of this information, he still said, "No."
Let me tell you, those few lucky enough to get this system can now
learn the material in a matter of minutes, no matter what their background, financial situation, education or age.
"The Nouveau Tech Discovery" will allow those lucky few to prosper monetarily, personally, physically, romantically and financially, anywhere in the world, even during personal and financial hard times, inflation, recession, depression, war.
This system is, in reality, a scientific method for capturing major financial and personal advantages everywhere, 24 hours a day! It has never been released to the public and is so revolutionary it will shock you with it's simplicity and power!
Once you are exposed to "The Nouveau Tech Discovery" you will quietly profit from everyone, everywhere, every time.
Imagine how you will feel with thousands of dollars in extra cash coming in...EACH WEEK! Imagine how you will feel when you have power over everyone in every situation. Imagine how you will feel when you have peace and romantic love overflowing in your life.
Does this sound too good to be true? WELL...IT IS TRUE!!
You'll find, as I did, Nouveau Tech works better than you could ever
imagine possible! These incredibly easy to apply secrets work with ALL money and power gathering methods and in ALL situations involving the transfer of power, money and love.
It applies to the stock market, investments, your employer, your co-workers, business, politics, social situations and personal and romantic relationships. Even games of chance like poker, black jack, horses, and the lottery.
(My accountant and tax attorney advise me I shouldn't tell you how many millions of dollars are now mine because of Nouveau Tech.)

* * * *

Although the above famous Nouveau Tech man had more to tell, I interrupted here because right now you may be asking, "Why am I receiving this invitation?" You, John, have been selected to be sent the Nouveau Tech secrets -- Nouveau Tech secrets that have laid hidden from ordinary eyes for 2300 years -- for free -- because members of our elite group, of our Secret Society, have discovered that you possess rare potentials that few others have. ...And you'd be amazed to know just who these particular world-renown members were who chose you! But, alas, it's a secret society and although everything I say here is true, their identities must remain anonymous. Those who chose you, though, do realize your special qualities. YOU'VE GOT IT! You just have not fully realized your special qualities yet.
We know people around you may not see it, but we know that you, John, have experienced moments in which you feel special and gifted. In those euphoric, even spiritual moments, you know you are special, you absolutely know it, and you feel you are here to do great things with you life. Right? Well, we know it, too, John. And yes, you are meant to do great things, exactly as we are going to show you.
How do we know? Be honest: have you ever felt like God or some higher power may be communicating with you, giving you a sign? If you answered yes, and we know you did, then you are indeed that special person we are looking for. And this is your calling. It's as simple as that.
Since Dr. Wallace and his Nouveau Tech Society agreed to make this powerful system available to a very few selected people, we printed a
limited number of copies of the Nouveau Tech Discovery, and we are holding a personal reserved copy in your name for a few days. This contains the exact original manuscript Dr. Wallace, our Las Vegas mystery man, personally uses

Remember, these are the very same powers that the most successful, exclusive people in the world have anonymously used to obtain great wealth, success, love, fame. And you belong in that exclusive group, John!
That is why we will send you and only you (as they did to me seven years ago) our very confidential, personal secrets, completelv free! But you must keep these secrets only to yourself.
Now, this brings us to another important point. When we analyzed your profile (the people who do this analyzing are brilliant, I just wish I could name a few names for you) we discovered something else about you, John. It seems you're about to enter cycle two. What's cycle two? There are seven fundamental cycles in life that every person passes through, regardless of where or when they live. Cycle two is the most important cycle because it's the cycle of breaking bondage, of discovering and being discovered. That is why this exclusive group is contacting you at this time.
Everyone who has ever really prospered in life, from celebrities to entrepreneurs, from gamblers to lovers, from captains of industry to heads of state did properly implement this second stage cycle -- though most didn't consciously know that was what they were doing. And that's what makes the really successful people so indestructible -- no matter what happens to them, or around them, they always end up on top. Even if they get fired, cheated, dumped, estranged from their lovers, or somehow made flat broke, within a few months they'll be back on top, prospering beyond most peoples' dreams. Those who previously shunned them came running back, pleading for their love and affection. You've probably seen famous people like that on TV. Maybe you know someone like this. The point is, Cycle Two is your time to act -- it's your calling!
John, I warn you, fair and square, don't let the self-discovery that cycle two offers you slip by. You're going to pass through this second cycle over the next few weeks, starting right about now. It's so important that you privately see the society's secrets to launch all of cycle two's opportunities. That's why we're going to subsidize the expense to get these secrets to you, now, completely free of charge! You'll have time later to ponder about this exclusive group, but you must send in your free-invitation form before this Friday, July 29, 2005 or the opportunity is gone with the wind, forever.
Simply fill out the enclosed free-order form, mail it or fax it, and we'll rush you your personal reserved copy of Nouveau Tech: The Greatest Kept Secret of All Time for Money, Power, Romantic Love free of charge.
As soon as you get Nouveau Tech: The Greatest Kept Secret of All Time for Money, Power, Romantic Love -- remember, you're getting it for free -you'll be able to do all these things and much much more...

Here's a fraction of what you'll learn:

--Learn where the profits are and where they are not in all games of chance, poker, bingo, blackjack, lotteries, casino games or any gambling situation. (Not even casinos or professional cheaters will be able to beat you!)
--Learn how to transfer all money, power, prestige from the uninformed
to you...instantly.
-- Learn how to use this new scientific knowledge to begin generating
huge sums of money within hours...automatically ...without even trying.
-- Learn how to win any lover in any situation or how to regain your
-- Learn how to lose all the weight you want or eliminate any addictions; (food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs) easily and effortlessly virtually overnight!
-- Learn to control anyone, man or woman, anywhere.
-- Learn to easily beat any opponent in your any situation. -- Learn how to make your new powers render all others helpless.
-- Learn how to be more intelligent.
-- Learn how to make everyone you meet want to be your friend.
-- Learn how to make your every relationship; spouse, lover, children,
friends, co-workers etc. become better and more fulfilling. ' '
-- Learn how to be constantly and invisibly armed so that any person trying deception or cheating ploys against you instantly becomes powerless and at you mercy.

Within hours after receiving your free Nouveau Tech package you will be benefiting in every area of your life...YOU'LL BE MAKING MORE IN ONE WEEK THAN MOST PEOPLE MAKE IN A FULL YEAR. With the simple, easy to apply techniques, you'll be on virtual auto-pilot. Your new powers will be used unconsciously and effortlessly!
The process is so natural and automatic, no one will ever detect you using the techniques. They are subconsciously picked up by everyone you meet.
In addition to all of the benefits you gain, "The Nouveau Tech
Discovery" is the best insurance policy you could ever own. You'll never be taken advantage of again in any business or personal relationship. Nouveau Tech's power protects you and gives you the advantages needed so that you prosper even in challenging situations. YOU'LL FEAR NO ONE!
I urge you, you owe it to yourself, you owe it to your family. Don’t wait another minute. Send today for Nouveau Tech: The Greatest Kept Secret of All Time for Money, Power, Romantic Love before the time limit is up and
I must give your copy to someone else.
John, it has been determined that this is now your "Special Time," your "Cycle of Opportunity." That is why we must cut off this opportunity by Friday, July 29, 2005. We're not trying to be mean, it's just that you can't afford to let this opportunity slip by. If ever there was a time for you to take action -- this is truly that time! After this Friday, you can never again acquire the Nouveau Tech Secrets at any price because your opportunity cycle will have passed by.
Remember, everything in Nouveau Tech is honest and ethical. You benefit without any risk or dishonesty. There are no additional skills needed beyond those you have already been blessed with. It doesn't matter how old you are, what your background is or where you live. Remember, we have already looked at all that and still selected you. You don't need any money to get started or any education or trainlng. You'll be applying Nouveau Tech from the moment you receive your package.
Money, power, control and romantic love will all be drawn to you instantly, automatically, more and more every single hour. The Nouveau Tech Secrets can make you a new person: powerful, in control, relaxed and confident with total happiness, peace of mind, and more money and love than you've ever had in your entire life.
John, if you're like I was before, you're probably experiencing some uneasiness, restlessness, a dissatisfaction with the world. Is major success, an exciting and satisfying relationship, and real wealth truly unattainable? You long for it, I know. I always did. But 1f you cannot seem to achieve it, I am telling you, John, instead of letting go of that desire, take a new direction. Answer this calling. (...Many of us in the association have risen from living in dumps and projects to penthouses and multi-million-dollar custom homes because of these very same secrets, sent to us for free!)

So mail or fax back your enclosed free-invitation form on or before Friday, July 29, 2005 and we will share with you our secrets, totally free! And before long, you'll be ready to meet us. Those of us here in the society are so looking forward to your presence, to your presence now, that we're subsidizing the cost of these secrets. They're yours free, even before you officially know us. But I mean it when I say you must do this now, however, or you'll never hear from us again. That's a given, for these secrets are too exclusive. I'll check my mail for your invitation in three days.


John Finn

PS, Below is your Free-Invitation form. Simply check the box below and
then mail or fax this entire page back to us by this Friday, July 29, 2005.


(Simply mail or fax this entire page to us)

Free-Invitation Form
[ ] I, John, feel that something astounding is about to happen in my life! The Nouveau Tech Society has discovered me. I possess very special and rare traits. Because of these traits, the society is willing to send me their secrets that lead to enormous wealth, love and the most phenomenal personal abilities, absolutelv free, as long as this Free-Invitation Form is postmarked on or before Friday, July 29, 2005. After this Friday, I understand that this opportunity closes, and I won't be given this invitation again. Without hesitation, please send me my personally reserved, 80-page, numbered booklet containing the secrets, completely free of charge, today!

Mail or fax this entire page back to us
Nouveau Tech, Invitation Processing, P.O. Box 5204
Clifton, NJ 07015-5204
Fax: (716) 447-7488 Copyright 2005
who in the blue hoof is kate u say!?!? - EthanHunt
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yes I have
All In.
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> YourWenis
the deer is teal
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I'll fuck you and your minions, too
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send money to Nigeria plz
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I run several secret societies.. have you heard about the Nazi party?

Yep, thats me.
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I need pen0r in my an0r right now damnit!
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no, I haven't
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teal fucking deer
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Friday, July 29, 2005, eh?

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Originally Posted by KUANGLONG3
Friday, July 29, 2005, eh?

I told you I found a copy of it on another forum. I'm not going through it and changing it to match my letter, fuck you.
who in the blue hoof is kate u say!?!? - EthanHunt
Sometimes I rub my armpits and my sweat smells just like a wet pussy. So I keep rubbing my pits and inhaling the sweet aroma. Then beat off to it. - pra3t0r
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I own a copy of brokeback mountain.
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Originally Posted by Redemption
I told you I found a copy of it on another forum. I'm not going through it and changing it to match my letter, fuck you.
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but I got the general idea of it.

You just ruined it, your dad's now on their hit list. You have 8*3 hours.

edit: back to original now that i understands
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Originally Posted by antisechs
but I got the general idea of it.

You just ruined it, your dad's now on their hit list. You have 8*3 hours.

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