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In photography, often use a Camera obscura AnHe photographic Camera (or) as photographic equipment, using optical film or digital memory as recording medium. But there are exceptions, such as Man Ray 1922 invented rayographs object projection method (in) is using the shadow on the paper, without the need to use imaging camera.
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Books are a great resource, but I think even just researching online on your own can teach you a lot. I know MANY self-taught photographers who had never spent a dime on photography materials to learn from!
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about photography.

Success of professional photography of course is not only the composition, the press the shutter so simple, you need to have a strong knowledge foundation of basic skills: scene are light, then rinse data, printing techniques, output, digital darkroom, all kinds of photographic equipment use way, skill... -all kinds of abbreviations and the letter have enough let you learn a burst of, don't forget, you is likely to read a book with pictures and photography
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"The dangerous eye" is a good one
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Street Photography Books

If you're looking at trying Street Photography here's two books you may like distributed freely by the author in PDF format.
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The Moment It Clicks

The Hot Shoe Diaries

Composition Digital Field Guide (all the books in the DFG series are decent)

Photography Foundations for Art & Design

and one of my new favs:

The HDR Book - Unlocking the Pro's Hottest Post Processing Techniques
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WOW!!! Thanks for sharing such a great books because i get a good knowledge about the photography from this thread..........

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Then I have three or four subscription to photo magazines.
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I think this one is good Material World: A Global Family Portrait...
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Purchase a book called Bare Bones. It's CHEAP and will teach you nearly everything you need to know. It's not too long and has a lot of pictures.
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I love this photographers technique across most of his photos, but i can't quite duplicate it: How do i get better with my post-processing to be similar to this?
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These books all seem like they will help me with my new camera.
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