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Softphone on Comcast?

I'm a Comcast subscriber. I use Comcast for Internet, TV, and phone service. I gave Comcast support a call earlier tonight and asked them if it was possible to use a softphone with their Digital Voice service and, after 15 minutes of waiting, the low-level tech support representative told me that Comcast did not support softphones.

Now, I know that the people at that call center had absolutely no idea what I was talking about because I spent 15 minutes on hold, and the lady who answered the phone had me repeat the word "softphone" and explain the concept several times before she put me on hold. Not her fault -- half the people I work with have no clue what the word "softphone" means even though they use one every day.

So, here's the question: is there a way to configure a softphone like CounterPath's X-Lite to work with Comcast Digital Voice? It would be cool to be able to make outgoing calls from my laptop, and would be even cooler to receive incoming calls as well.
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Pretty sure that's a no. I used to work at a large cable co who offered phone service....and there was no way.
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Really? I basically assumed that the box they provide is a self-contained VoIP server.
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I don't believe comcast digital voice goes over the internet, I think they have a separate network for the voice data. I don't know the details but I do know I can lose my internet connection and still make a phone call.
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Comcast is its own network. Its part of the reason why they can do E911.
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