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Convert Coins into Money?

My friend paid me a $40 debt he owed me with all quarters (and they are not all in paper rolls). I would like to convert said quarters into $20 dollar bills. Can I just go to the local bank (Citizens Bank to be exact) and ask the teller to change the coins into paper money?

Oh, and does it matter that I don't have an account there? I'm at college and my regular bank doesn't have a branch here.
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1. Coins are money.

2. Yes, but they might charge you a hefty fee (especially if they're not rolled).

3. Depending on where you live, you might not have been obliged to accept such a ridiculous payment, but there's likely nothing you can do about that now.
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Most banks will change them into cash, but for some reason the WaMu I went to last didn't. Before that I thought all banks cashed change, but I guess not. More then likely they will charge you a small percentage. If you have an account at a bank it should be free, at least it was at my last bank. There are also coinstar machines at most grocery stores but they charge a much higher percentage, although you can turn it into a gift card for no fee.
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On this note...what if I also wanted to convert a bunch of $1's and $5's into $20's?
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Shouldn't be a problem, most stores are happy to get change for their larger bills. Any bank will take them with no charge. Paper is a lot easier to deal with then coin.
Old 03-15-2008, 12:37 AM Exitialis22 is offline  
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Go to a bank and get rollers, they will be way more likely to take them if they are in rollers.
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all banks take rolled coins -- almost certainly at no fee. only some take loose coins (and those charge a fee, of course)
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from my experience, banks ask that you be a customer. handling coin is a chore and i don't see why they would want to do it as a community service. IT MUST BE ROLLED for them to even think about it. Find a coinstar if they won't take it.
Old 03-15-2008, 07:28 AM coalesce is offline  
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I did this frequently, and have never had a bank charge me a fee for rolled coins. I don't know if they would if you handed them loose coins. If you live by a Commerce Bank they have a free machine, similar to Coinstar, that you can use; even if you're not an account holder.

For paper currency, just hand them to the teller and ask for larger bills.
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My bank has a coin-star type thing that doesn't cost anything.

If yours doesn't, take it to coinstar. They charge a small fee, but you can turn it into gift cards and skip the fee.
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Coinstar is a good idea but the fee is 10%.
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My bank has a machine which counts loose change - no rolls required. And no fees either.
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my friend spent hours upon hours rolling some coins and when she took it to the bank they told her they can't take it since it was rolled. so ask before you spend a lot of time rolling them.
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Originally Posted by Arrowhead777 View Post
my friend spent hours upon hours rolling some coins and when she took it to the bank they told her they can't take it since it was rolled. so ask before you spend a lot of time rolling them.

lol really? that's messed.

I hate the paper rollers. When i rolled my last summer (took like 3 movies worth of sorting and rolling, I think it was $300 in total, it was a texas mickey full) i went to the dollar store and got these plastic clear ones that popped closed.

They were really good because you could only fit a certain amount in, which is the same as the paper rolled one. So i sorted a bunch of coins and then put them into the plastic holders, i didn't even have to count. For the last little bit i ran out of the plastic ones and used some paper ones. Holy shit, that took about 3X longer having to count to make sure you have the correct amount in each one.

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I've taken loose change to both First National Bank in Omaha and to a US Bank location and they both took it for no fee. I've got accounts at both so that wasn't a big deal. The US Bank was only like $50 in change. My parents had been rolling change and keeping loose change for years. We called before we went in and asked how they wanted it, then proceeded to take in nearly 120 lbs worth of change. Grand total was $750+ Word of advice though, take the change during an off hour time if you can. Might be nice to call ahead and see if they can/will do it.
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