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Ceejamon's Spinach Artichoke Dip

It seems like every restaurant on the planet now has their own version of "Spin-Dip." Frankly, I'm a fan of most of them! Here's my version. It goes over well at parties, but as you'll see in a thread I'll be posting shortly after this one, it has other uses...

3/4 lb fresh baby spinach
1/2 cup sliced scallions (green onions for you Southerners)
8 oz cream cheese or neufatchel, room temperature
14 oz can artichokes (I'm lazy)
2 cups shredded Emmentaler (emmental, good swiss, whatever you wanna call it)
~2 tbl Worcestershire sauce
~1/2 tsp kosher salt
~1/2 tsp black pepper (always freshly ground)
~1 tsp hot pepper sauce (Tabasco, Louisiana Red, etc)
4 cloves garlic
~1/2 tsp dried Thyme (fresh is excellent as well, but I was out)
Grated Parmesan
Panko bread crumbs (can substitute normal)
Olive Oil

For starters, do your prep work. Drain your artichokes and give them a good squeeze. You want all that water out of there. Then dice them up and let them drain further. Next, chop your garlic and slice your scallions. In a hot pan, melt 2 tablespoons or so of butter over medium heat. Add your scallions and garlic, cook until just softened.

Now start adding your spinach about 2 handfuls at a time.

Go ahead and preheat your oven to 350. As soon as they soften enough to make room for more, add more. Keep doing this until you've got it all in the pan and it's cooked. This is the ONE time I like my spinach cooked this much. You may need to add a splash of olive oil during this process.

Now dump the whole pan into a large mixing bowl with the cream cheese / neufatchel. Let it melt the cream cheese and stir.

Add in the Worcestershire, hot pepper sauce, salt, pepper, thyme, and artichokes. Again, I emphasize them being liquid-free! It'll ruin this dip otherwise. When all that is well combined, add your swiss.

Spread your mixture into a glass baking dish.

Top with parmesan. Combine some panko with olive oil so it gets nice & brown. Add that to the top as well.

Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, then increase the heat or broil until the top is browned.

Of course it goes well on chips or bagel crisps...

... but it also has a dozen other uses. It keeps well and reheats easily in the microwave. I use it as a spread on grilled turkey wraps (deli sliced turkey, a little cheese, the spread, and grill it like a quesadilla). More importantly though, it's a primary ingredient in Eggs Ceejamon.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think!
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I don't know anybody who doesn't like Spinach Artichoke Dip. It's ALWAYS yummy.
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WIGGER LOVER. I <3 yuo mikey! Dat nigga Mikey be muh babies daddy
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definitely trying this out. dotfolder
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What I put in mine:

Chopped spinach, frozen works, well rung out in a towel.
Roasted artichokes.
White onions and red bell pepper.
Tobasco, just a smidge.
Salt, white pepper.
Heavy cream.
Cream cheese.
Lemon juice.
Chopped garlic.
Parmesan cheese, the real stuff. Reggiano all the way.
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