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smashed fingernail comming off

I smashed the tip of my left index finger pretty good about 5 wks ago. All but the edges had turned black/blue/purple. Last monday the area towards the back of my finger basically started to fall out and this has continued as well as the nail lifing up from the bed and split down the middle (long ways) I was wondering if you guys had any reccomendations as how to care for it and getting the nail the rest of the way off. Thanks.
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dirty sanchez
hmm, i'd probably say you should keep it clean, protected, and try not to get it infected and stuff?

I had the same thing happen to my right thumb a few years back, when i smashed it in the car door by accident. it also turned purple/blue, and hurt like a mofo the first few days and was swollen. after that, it just calmed down, and eventually it started to fall off as well.

I think the biggest thing is to be careful with it when it does loosen up and starts to lift up, b/c you'll find yourself getting it caught on your clothes,etc, and that hurts too. for me, i kept a band-aid on it, mainly to keep it from lifting.

im not sure how easy it is for you to infect it or cause any real damage from not cleaning it and stuff, since the skin under there is basically that, and unless u peel it off pre-maturely, you shouldnt have any open wounds. if you let it fall on its own, the new fingernail will also be on its way out, so like i said, u shouldnt have open wounds or w/e through which u could infect it.
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Thanks. Thats what I figured was the basic stuff keeping it clean, letting it fall off on its own etc, but just thought id 2x check since its the first time ive had this happen.
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see a doctor? how badly is it split; is skin exposed?
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Ive had a toenail fall off. Shouldnt be an issue, unless it becomes ingrown. Just watch it and keep it pretty well covered
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I dropped a 35lb barbell on my toe 2 months ago from about 1.5 feet and now my toe nail is only held on one side. I've been told to try to keep the nail there as long as possible so I use band aid to keep it in place. Also you need to take care not to get it infected etc.
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I have cracked many a toe nail in jiu jitsu. Whenever it is cracked in a way that I can pull it off I just pull it off as it seems to be way more comfortable if I keep it on. I think once it gets cracked (if bad enough) it loses the ability to protect the underside of your nail(IE the sensitive skin). I would recommend consulting a doctor though.
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bandaid is key. the longer you keep the broken nail there, the longer your new nail has to grow and protect you. be careful when you wash it. make sure you don't keep your hand in dirty gloves or pockets if you can avoid them.
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