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how fast can the human hand move?

so i was wondering.... how fast caa one move his/her hand? i can move it pretty fast! i guess it depends on your muscles and elbow and what not... and google was no help.... and i'm looking for an approximate number.

so let me know! source pease. thanks.
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My hand moved pretty damn fast moving the mouse over to the 'back' button.
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Enough to catch a fly.
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warioware is just a way for japanese scientists to study this question.
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Posting without reading. Shit thread.
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apparently not fast enough to be the first to say shit thread
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The fastest pitch is about 109. Without the weight in the hand, I would assume maybe 120 mph
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OVER 9000
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Originally Posted by Best Person in America View Post
My hand moved pretty damn fast moving the mouse over to the 'back' button.
that was a really shit snipe brontosaurus
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That's one of the strangest topics I've ever heard, but really... I have no way of quantifying it.

When you say hand movement, is this strictly from the wrist? From the forearm? Whole arm swing (like a windmill)?

I think the windmill would be the easiest to clock. Time how long it takes you to do 20 windmills, measure the radius of your arm, and do the circumference conversion (2*pi*r), multiply by 20, and divide that by the time.
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15 mph
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Originally Posted by aoeoae View Post
15 mph

I remember hearing that somewhere too. The combination of movements from multiple joints is what gives a pitcher his velocity.
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another thread-killa
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