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How much electricity does just the central A/C blower use?

My apartment, with central heat/cool, gets very poor air circulation due to its design -- windows open or not. Also there are no ceiling fans.

I've been turning the system switch to "off" (disables engaging the compressor and heating coils) but forcing the blower switch to "on" so the fan runs and circulates the air.

It's fine because the temperature outside has been cool enough that it cools the apartment cooler than I want anyway naturally even with the windows closed.

But I don't want to be jacking my power bill up by hundreds of dollars, either. I'm sure it uses a lot less than running the compressor also, but does anyone have a ballpark figure for the cost of just the main blower?

It's a pretty small apartment, 700 s.f., two rooms. Previously I'd just leave the thing either running the A/C overnight or I'd leave it all off and just sort of stagnate, then realized I could run the blower without the compressor and decided to go that route.
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I can't imagine it's that much more, I used to have my blower motor on constantly, especially in the winter even when the heat was set to "auto" as it still circulated the air in the house and prevented it from getting stagnant/stale.

You'll need to change your filter more often as you're pushing more through it, and I had a HVAC buddy tell me it was a good idea to run it constant like that just to circulate the air.

I guess power consumption would depend on how new/old the blower motor is and if its rated at a high usage or not. But what I would do is run it for say a month at the end of the next billing cycle, and see what your power jumps to.. it might be less, might be more, or might be the same if you find you dont run the heat/AC as much anymore because of it.

I'm renting about a 1200 sq ft house with full basement, 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath and leave the blower running constant, and even with the heat on now and AC during the summer I was about $150 a month electric.

thats with 2 adults and 2 children (13 and 4)
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put it this way - its much lower then running the a/c compressor. Although it is a large fan, it's not going to break your wallet by any means.
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I tried it for a while, for the same reason as Wiseass, and noticed a 7-10 kWhr increase in the electricity usage per day. It is a new high-efficiency furnace with a dual-speed blower. The "fan always on" option uses just the lowest speed on mine.
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