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About how much should new struts cost me?

Alright, so check it. I have a 2000 mitisubishi diamante. Has 94k miles on it. It used to be my dads car, and as such, im not sure if he ever replaced the struts before or not, but either way, it definitely needs new ones.
When accelerating, especially if im on the highway and going 70+, the car gets pretty shaky. Doesnt go over bumps well, and, depsite having it alligned and getting new tires, it still veers off to the left whenever i accelerate.

Anyway, i took it to tire kingdom, got new tires, oil change, had it alligned, but i still need new struts. They told me, ballpark, id be looking at a grand easy, probably more like 1300-1500 bucks total for 4 new struts.

Does that sound like too much? I mean its tire kingdom, so I'm sure the deal would be greatly working out in their favor, but being that i know jack all about cars, a mechanic obviously has to do it.

So what would you expect to pay for new struts/shocks? Is one more expensive than the other? Would I be better off finding a mechanic that works for himself as opposed to going to a big corporation like tire kingdom? How important is it to replace struts/shocks?

what does i do
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Its probably going to be around 100 per strut, say 500 for all 4 after everything. so they want another 1000 for installation? Id go get another estimate. OEM is nice but fuck it, Monroe has a lifetime warranty, most shops that use it will honor it. Find a place that buys from the local parts store and you will usually get a better price.
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I just checked Advance Auto Parts online store for prices. It'd cost about $360 for two front and two rear struts/shocks. Chances are you can do it yourself. But I'm not sure bad struts would cause all of those symptoms you described, so you may have other issues. Wait for input from other, more knowledgeable people to reply though.
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$1000 for parts and labor sounds about right.
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1000 for parts and labor is robbery around here, they are an easy install. Trajectory makes a good point that it doesnt sound like its the root of your porblem though. My Carolla's struts are about as bad as they get, worn struts dont usually make the car shake, just the normal water bed feeling. if the strut was broken it could affect it differently
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The last time I bought a pair it was $150 (Canadian) for 2 - I did the install myself in about 2 hours.

And holy crap was that a $150 I would spend again in a second. Night and day.
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