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X-COM - How to fight the ethereals?

The first X-COM game has been one of my favorites since i was a little kid, and ive been playing it again lately but im getting to the part of the game that always frustrates me - when ethereals & high ranking sectoids start showing up in large numbers and kicking my ass with their psionic mind control powers.

Example of what happened last night -

My Hyper-wave Decoder picked up an Ethereal supply ship over the middle east, so i send out my Interceptor and shoot down the alien ship somewhere over Russia. So then i wait for daylight and send in my best team of 14 soldiers to clean up the crash site.

1st turn: One soldier gets shot stepping off the ramp but i am able to kill the alien and get the wounded man back on board.

2nd turn: Spread out from the landing site, killed 1 more alien.

3rd turn: Ethereals mind control my teams captain. He shoots and kills one other soldier. 2 other soldiers panic and drop their weapons and start running because of psionic attacks. Another soldier goes berserk and shoots a team mate who lives, but barely. Im forced to shoot my captain to keep him from killing anymore team members.

That means that half of my team is unable to continue the fight after only 3 turns and i havent even had a chance to get near the crashed UFO yet.

Is there any secret to fighting them? Or is it better to just shoot down the UFO and leave the crash site alone if its an Ethereal ship? I kick ass against any other type of alien...

I love this game but when they start mind controlling me and killing half my troops on every mission it gets a bit ridiculous.
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i found that waiting to psy train soldiers takes too dam long , since it is one way to know which soldier is weak to those attacks. another way is just boot the guys that are easily controlled, and hire newbs. even if it is the captain/commander.

i personally didnt like that idea til i tried it a few times and it helps
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