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Forever Domon
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Recipe[M]ay: Chicken Adobo

Yet another new cooking endeavor that I obsessively photodocumented, figured id share with you guys. Chicken Adobo just means marinaded chicken, but the common thread here is a sour, tangy flavor created with a combination of flavors. The primary ingredient is vinegar, which contrasts with the spices and creates a savory glaze on the dish.



1 cup vinegar (your choice of type)
1 cup soy sauce
4 tablespoons garlic powder or 6 fresh cloves
1 tablespoon ginger
4-5 bay leaves
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper


4 pounds chicken. The common choice here is thighs bone in, but i decided to go the boneless route
Chicken broth
1 yellow onion

This is a two step cooking process, the first of which is to make the marinade

Some flexibility is available here, specifically regarding the ratio of soy sauce to vinegar. This time i did a direct 50/50 split, however you can go as much as 75% in one direction if you choose

Once you've mixed up your vinegar and soy sauce, add your garlic. This is the second primary flavor (after tangyness from vinegar) in adobo. So if you dont like garlic, this probably isnt a recipe for you. Fresh garlic is obviously much better, sadly didnt have any around.

After adding the garlic, fresh grind yourself about a tablespoon of pepper as roughly as possible and add it to the marinade

Then add 1 tablespoon of brown sugar not only to help with caramelization once you cook it but to enrich the tang a bit so its not just pure vinegar

Add two tablespoons of corn starch at this time (youll be adding more later) and your bay leaves.

Your resulting marinade should be dark in color, and fairly thick due to the large amount of spices present in it.

Now you are going to want to bring your chicken out again and prepare it for cutting. Set aside enough space in some bowls for chicken and marinade

I like to place some onion slices in the bottom of each bowl for a little additional flavor, you can take them or leave them, its not a requirement.

Cut your chicken up with a pair of shears into fairly large chunks (they will shrink down significantly during cooking).

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Forever Domon
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Then finally, cover them with marinade and go take a break

After marinading for a couple of hours, take your bowls out of the fridge and pour them both into a large pan. You are going to do a bit of precooking and additional flavoring by boiling the meat in the marinade.

Add your chicken broth at this time to provide additional liquid, most of it will end up boiling away

As you can see here, the meat is mostly covered, this will be siphoned off eventually, but leave it for now.

Boil your meat and marinade for around 15 to 20 minutes at a simmer, until the sauce begins to thicken due to the cornstarch. If it isnt thickening at this point, add more cornstarch

Once you are satisfied with the consistency and doneness of the chicken, you will want to finalize the adobo by pulling it out with a slotted spoon, leaving most the sauce, and putting it on a high heat skillet and deglazing often to bake the marinade into a coating around the chicken and cement the flavor.

And finally, serve over rice, or just eat alone if you like. The additional sauce can be used as a condiment if the rice is too dry, or simply saved for a future adobo cooking endeavor.

Hope you all enjoyed yet another Recipe[M]ay post, yes i realize my pans suck and will kill me and all the birds in my house, but im not dead yet.

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Do not reuse sauce that was used to marinade raw chicken, even after it has been boiled. Otherwise looks great.
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Has a tidy sheath!
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I like your spiral handled wooden spoon thingy!

Thanks for the recipe, I think I requested it a while back
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