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Software to simulate mouse click with keyboard shortcut?

Hi all-

Does anyone know of a software that can do this? I'm looking for something that will let me assign the action of a mouse click at various points on the screen to various keyboard shortcuts/macros. I know there are macro recording programs out there that allow you to assign a keyboard shortcut to a pre-recorded set of mouse actions, but those require the mouse cursor to be in a specific location at the start or the action won't work. I'm needing something that could emulate a click with a keyboard shortcut at, say, location 1460x742 on my 1920x1200 display without having to move the actual pointer there. Google's doing nothing for me so I turn to you all... Anyone know of such a thing or am I hoping for the impossible?

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Forever Domon
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thats very doable with any number of scripting programs that dont rely on fixed starting location.

Unfortunately the names of all of them are slipping my mind at the moment. However they will come to me eventually and i will amend my post.
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Thank you for the responses. Both autohotkey and autoit look like they'd work wonderfully - I'll just go with autohotkey because I found a tutorial for it that describes exactly how to do what I want. Great!
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