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Air Force Drug Testing

I have recently decided to enlist in the Air Force, but with my previous record I would have to enlist under the waiver program. My recruiter told me unless I wanted to join special forces my chances of getting in now are very slim. He called me the other day telling me the waiver program is off and that with my high testing scores he would like to get me in asap. The only problem is that I smoked marijuana roughyl 30 days ago. I have a meeting this Tuesday and I'm worried that he wants me to get through processing quickly with all the paper work and testing. What kind of drug tests do the Air Force use when enlisting new recruits? Urine I will pass, blood I'm not sure (although I donated a week ago), and Hair I'm sure I would fail. What to do? Other thoughts?
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shave all the hair off your body. Swab test is 24 hours for non chronic. Urine is fine within 30 days easily..

Anything but hair you should be alright. And even THC is limited to what it deposits in hair.
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MEPS does urinalysis only.
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Could always ask the recruiter. Theres a good chance that he doesn't care that you smoked and will tell you how to get past it/what it consists of.
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I graduated out of Navy bootcamp last march. Not completely sure on how the air force does shit, but I cant imagine they are that different when it comes to drug screening.

To get into DEP, you really just got to pass the urinalysis and blood test. Once you actually get to boot camp, they will probably test you again, and again do a urinalysis only. They will draw blood, they will probably test it for drugs too, but its also to verify your blood type and that your clean (std's, etc) For me, they did the piss test when I got off the bus upon arrival, and they drew blood during P-days after I was put into a division.

Keep in mind, they process a shitload of people and rely mostly on piss tests to keep people clean, and the rest is just scaring you into admitting doing something. They do did this moment of truth thing after keeping us awake for over 36 hours, and gave all sorts of speeches and threats of prison time for lying etc, its all BS, if they had anything on you they would of brought it to your attention by that point. Just keep your ass planted in the chair and stfu.

Also, if your serious about serving, drop the weed habit asap, you dont want to get caught with that shit once your in, UCMJ is a whole different beast than what is out in the civilian world, and with the overmanning the military is experiencing they aren't too afraid to give people the boot at this point.
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Hair tests arent perfect. I had a cousin that smoked and they did a hair test but couldnt detect it.
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just like in you BC thread, your fine
hair testing is completely worthless to detect occasional use, its only good for when a person use to smoke the shit out of weed (OMG 420 every day!!!!)

And blood test are less sensitives than urine anyways, your kidneys concentrate the THC-COOH in the urine vs blood.
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you're fine
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Originally Posted by princess0fdiabl0 View Post
Could always ask the recruiter. Theres a good chance that he doesn't care that you smoked and will tell you how to get past it/what it consists of.
++ and the recruiter is looking to keep his numbers up....

just remember thc is fat soluble. don't work out the days before, burning fat may release stored amounts into your system. don't use any adulterating agents, as this will count as a fail.
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Your fine, I knew guys who were doing much worse stuff and managed to get in without a hutch. Just be careful...even while your in them drug test are rather frequent.
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I remember as soon as I got to basic training all of the guys talked about how they smoked pot and still passed the piss test. One guys said the recruiter had him take a test the night before and when he failed it had him drink a bucnh of water and pickle juice and all sorts of stuff until he could pass it. Oh and the guy at MEPS who's watching you pee will be about 2 feet away, so don't try any funny stuff.

Once you join don't plan on smoking again. There are random tests and anytime within the last month can be detected. Not sure how it is on active duty but if you piss hot you're probably gonna get kicked out. They're starting to downsize (air force especially). I occasionaly do the piss test for my national guard unit. If you piss hot, you're going to be processed out within the next month, period. Usually a general or less than honorable discharge.
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