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This story will make you cum (long read, nsfw)

My freshman year of college, I pledged a fraternity. It was ok, but not for me. I did get one great story out of it though. A little background, for this particular frat, every pledge was assigned a "big brother", a member that we had to report to and do whatever they told us. This included everything from getting up in the middle of the night to warm their toilet seat to giving them rides whenever they wanted. In my case, my big brother was Jon. He wasn't too bad, though did make me do random shit like come clean his apartment one weekend and to wash his girlfriend's car right before it rained. Still, he let me off easy if I had a test or something I needed to study for.

Anyway, one of the big pluses about this frat was each pledge was also assigned a few "little sister" to take care of. These were girls that were friends with guys and we basically had to drive them around when they wanted to go out. Apparently the brothers knew Jon was a bit of a pushover so tehy assigned me 4 girls, and they were the biggest cock teases I've ever met. Angela was about 5'8, curly hair that she had dyed dark red, a slim build and decent tits. I discovered pretty quickly after being assigned to her she was a 34C because she made me go shopping with her at Victoria's Secret. Second was Kristy, 5 foot tall maybe, worked out constantly and had a very tight ass. She had bleach blonde hair that went half way down her back and one of her favorite "jokes" was to walk around in thongs in front of me just to try to get me hard. Third was Kristy's roommate, Claire. She was what I would describe as curvy, big tits (38DD's) a fat ass but a tiny waist. She was about 5'3 with frizzy brown hair that looked hot as hell on her. She once wanted me to help her pickout clothes for clubbing and decided it would be fun to make strip down to my boxers since she was going to be naked so much. I can honestly say the only thing that kept me from getting wood was that I was petrified she'd drag me out in front of the other girls and point it out. The last girl was Simone, and she was the craziest of the bunch. She was 5'5, thin as a rail, had size B tits and a pixie haircut that changed colors every other week. She was also bi-sexual, a nymphomaniac, and an exhibisionist. The night I was assigned to her she pulled me into a bathroom with her simply so she could see my cock. She actually pulled me out through my fly saying "I've gotta see what I'm working with". Nothing happened that night, she pulled it out, looked at it and said "I've had worse."

Anyone, after being around for about a month, I got a phone call from Kristy. All 4 girls were going out and I was going to be their driver. I already knew Jon was out of town, and none of the other brothers had called me, so this was going to be my night. I threw on clothes that would get me in wherever they were planning to go and drove over to Kristy and Claire's apartment. I knocked on the door and Claire answered wearing a sports bra and short-shorts. By this time I was used to the sight, but I have to say I never minded seeing it. She said "It's about time." and actually pulled me inside by my shirt. I got into the living where the other 3 girls already were, but none were dressed yet.

Simone looked at me and said "None of us can decide what to wear, so you're going to help us." I had a feeling this would require of my own clothes, and sure enough Simone said "First you have to strip." I removed my clothes down to my boxers and hung them over a chair and then turned back towards the girls. Simone said "Nope, boxers too." I hestitated, I had never been made to get completely naked by these girls before, but I think this was spurred by their frustation at not being able to get me hard often enough. I pulled down my boxers and put them with the rest of my clothes. Simone said "Good, now sit on the couch." and I did as instructed.

Kristy was up first, I expected her to go into her room to try on clothes but, to my surprise, she pulled off the tank top and pajama pants she was wearing right there in front of us all. She was stark naked and her body was incredibly toned. I felt my cock start to perk up for the first time. Kristy said "Well, I can't decide on underwear, first of all." She picked up a bra from beside her chair and held it up "What do you think? Pink bra?" having been through this a number of times, I said "I think you'll know what underwear better once you have an outfit picked." Kristy dropped the bra and picked up a black dress from the pile. She pulled it over her head and zipped up the sides. She said "I was considering this one, but I don't know." The dress hugged her very well and I started thinking about the calculus homework I had in my dorm to prevent a raging hard on. I told her "I think that looks really good on you, just go with some black underwear and you'll be all set. Kristy looked at the other girls, who all nodded in agreement, and then selected a black thong. She sat down next to me and said "Thanks, by the way, nice cock." I knew I wasn't hard, but couldn't help but looking down at myself anyway. Kristy giggled as she looked away.

Angela stood up next. She had been wearing a bath robe, but simply dropped it to the floor revealing her naked body. This time there was more than a twitch as I actually started to feel myself get hard. I started think of just about anything to prevent it and, after about 30 seconds, I felt life start to subside from my member. I came back to hear Angela talking "..with pants, what do you think?" She was holding what appeared to be a tube top and had white pants draped over her seat. Connecting the dots quickly, I said "That might work, but you'd either need a white thong and strapless bra or you'll have to go commando." Angela said "Hmm, no." And dropped the top. She said "I really like these pants those." She looked at them for a second and then grabbed a white thing. She pulled it on and then the pants, and then turned back to me. "See, don't they look great on me?" There was no preventing lift off this time, the sight of her in those pants with no top had me getting rock hard very quickly. Kristy didn't miss a tick and said "Oh yeah, he likes them." All the girls turned to look at my growing cock, and Simone said "Hmm, so you're a grower." There were a few giggles and I was made to stand up so everyone could get a clear shot.

Angela said proudly "Looks like I win, he got hard for me." But Claire said "No, the only thing that's for sure is Kristy lost." Kristy pouted and said "It's only cause I went first." and actually gave my dick a slap. I only recoiled a little but it actually felt kinda good.

Simone said "I guess we can get dressed now." And stood up, but Claire "Ooh, no, I want to measure it." And ran to her room. She was back out 10 seconds later with a ruler and grabbed me as she laid it down. "Let's see, looks like 7 inches. And he's really hard." She gave my dick a couple of jerks and let go. Angela had pulled on a top at this point, but Simone was just looking at me. Claire said "Ok, I'm going to get dressed" and walked back to her chair was their was a big pile of clothes. Simone was still staring at me and finally, after a good 30 seconds, walked over. She looked down at my dick and then back at me. She said "I bet you don't even know how to use that thing, do you pledge?" And quickly reared her hand back. Faster than I could blink, she slapped my dick as hard as she could. This one actually did hurt and I flinched back. Simone said "I thought not and turned back to her clothes. "Get dressed," she said "I want to find someone that'll know how to fuck me good."

Once we were all dressed again we headed out. Luckily I went soft again, though I did have a pretty bad case of blue balls going. Angela got to sit up front because that was the prize for whoever got me hard. We went to the club where all for girls got pretty drunk. They all danced on each other and a number of guys, and a couple of times even dragged me onto the dance floor to grind on. Simone tried to find a number of guys, but struck out all night somehow. As we left, all 4 girls were wasted and it was just after 1 AM. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, Simone said "It's your lucky night pledge, cause I'm horny as shit and you're going to fuck me." The other girls all laughed and we drove back to the apartment.

I helped all 4 girls inside, Simone making sure she was last. Angela, Claire and Kristy were all getting themselves water in the kitchen as Simone and I came in. As soon as the door was closed, Simone slurred out the sentence "Get naked." I actually ignored her and laid her down on the couch, but she said "I mean it, strip pledge." I considered saying no, but I knew the other girls were watching and could easily get me in trouble if I didn't do as I was told. I pulled my clothes off and Simone said "Good, now take my clothes off of me." Angela piped up "Simone, this has gone far enough." But Simone said "He's getting hard, he likes it." Sure enough, I was past getting hard, I was. Simone had been wearing fishnets, a black skirt, and a bright blue top. She had decided to go without underwear that night, so I removed what she had on. By this time, the other three girls were actually sitting down and Simone says "Eat my pussy, you fucking pledge." I dropped to my knees in front of her and started eating her out. Her pussy was already soaking wet, and I started licking and sucking her clit to make it more so. I glanced her whole with my finger and slowly started sliding it in. She was so wet I couldn't believe it, and she start thrusting her hips as I fingered her pussy.

As I was eating out Simone, I felt a hand on my back, and another on my cock. I quickly looked behind me to see Angela, still fully clothed and giving my a reach around. I don't have long to look, though, as Simone grabbed my head and turned it back to her pussy. "Fuck me with your tongue" she said, and I obligied. Angela was slowly working my cock and Simone was moaning louder and louder. She started to yell "Don't stop, I'm cumming". Her body started to spasm as an orgasm rolled through her. I was unbelievable turned on, but suddenly felt something pressing against my ass. As I turned back, Angela slipped her index finger into my asshole. She never changed the pace she was jerking me off, but just started sliding her finger in and out. I looked at Claire and Kristy and saw Kristy's hand in Claire's pants. They were both watching as Simone came down and Angela finger my asshole.

As Simone came back down, she noticed Angela for the first time. "Hey, my pledge" she said and reached down for my cock. Angela said "We can share him" and slid her finger all the way into my ass. Simone was looking at Angela and said "I usually have a rule, if I do anything to a guy's ass, they can fuck mine." I felt Angela's hand tighten on my dick as she said "I don't know..." Simone kissed Angela and said "It feels really good, trust me." Angela said "Ok." And pulled her finger from my ass. Simone smiled and said "First, he's gonna fuck me" and, using my dick as a way of guiding, sat me down on the couch. She said to Angela "Find some lube, this is a big cock for going in your ass." Simone stradled me and positioned my dick so the tip just brushed against her slit. To get my attention, she reached down and slapped it. "You're not going to cum quick, right?" I said no and she replied "Good, cause I want to get fucked good, long and hard." She then lowered herself onto my dick and started riding my dick like it had never been riden before or sense. She alternated bouncing up and down and girating her hips in a circle, even going high enough up so just my head was in her and using her hand to stroke my cock. After 2 minutes I felt like I was gonna lose control and cum. I quickly told her I wanted to fuck her doggy style and tried to lift her off my dick. As soon as Simone's body was clear, Angela's head appeared and started sucking my cock. With Simone riding, I had only been focused on her but now Angela, Kristy and Claire were all naked as well. Kristy and Claire were on the floor eating each other out and no longer paying the three of us any mind.

I honestly think Angela would have sucked me off until I came, but Simone made her stop so I could fuck her doggy. I hadn't gotten the break I was intending, but I was able to control myself much more and keep from cumming. Angela tried to play with my balls at first but ended up moving to Simone's head where Simone went down on her. Angela started playing with her tits while Simone ate her out. Simone brought Angela to orgasm much faster than I'd brought her, and infact managed to make her cum twice in the ten minutes or so that I fucked Simone from behind. Feeling myself approaching orgasm, I pulled out and said "Angela, I want your ass." Simone laughed a little as she grabbed Angela and said "Time to pay up." Angela didn't resist as Simone bent her over the couch, and Simone had been so soaked I just used her juices as lube. I started pushing into Angela's ass and she gripped the couch. It took more pressure than I was expecting, but I managed to get the head in, at which point I stopped to give Angela a chance to adjust.

"It's so big" she said as she breathed unevenly, and I started sliding in further. A moan escaped Angela and a giggle came from Simone, was playing with her clit on the other end of the couch and watching. I slowly kept going until my entire dick was in Angela's ass and then started to thrust very slowly she half moaned and half cried, but said "Please don't stop." I took this as a queue and started fucking her faster. Angela started going in rythm with me and playing with her clit at the same time. I felt the pressure starting to rise again and said "I'm gonna cum." Simone took over again, she jumped up and forcably removed my cock from Angela's as and some how pulled me and jerked me off across the room. Kristy was on top and looked up just in time to see me start shooting my load across her back and into Claire's face. I second stream came out that got in her hair and a little onto her face Simone tried to catch a third shot in her mouth but was too slow as it hit Kristy in the chin. She put her mouth around my cock and swallowed the last couple of drops as I began to shake. Kristy jumped up saying "Dammit, Simone!" and ran into the bath room. Claire said "Some of that went in my mouth", and it was obvious she hadn't swallowed as she went to the kitchen to spit into the sink. Simone was looking up at me and said "Personally, I think you taste great." She then slapped my dick again and said "Ever mention this night to anyone and I'll castrate you." She slapped my dick again, hard enough to hurt, and said "Go home. You did good, I may even let you fuck me again."

We never did have sex again though. I did have sex with Kristy about a week later, but soon after that dropped out of the frat due to ailing grades. Still, though, that one night made it all worth it.

It sure as hell made me cum....
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Literotica ftw
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Originally Posted by Pepsiholic View Post
Literotica ftw

reddit/sex stories
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they should put this on the GRE
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